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Joey’s Movers and Trucking, Inc’s specializes in handling moves in and around the Chicago area, as well as outside the area and across the country. If you are looking for experienced, professional movers, our team of movers will be happy to do all of the planning, packing, pushing and lifting for you. Joey’s Movers will custom tailor the most suitable relocation package for you. We aim to top all of the other area moving companies, by providing you with the most courteous and efficient service available. Our highly trained movers will handle all of the details for you. You can depend upon Joey’s Movers to provide you with the peace of mind that you expect from our moving companies. We not only are capable of meeting all your needs, but we strive to exceed your expectations. At Joey’s Movers, we train our movers well and treat them well, in order to minimize turnover. Because we are a locally owned and operated business, it is important to us that our customers go away completely satisfied. Joey’s Movers is the moving company to manage your move. We coordinate all our moves with our customers and Joey’s Movers is equipped to synchronize and handle any move – regardless of size or scope. You can rely upon us as your mover to provide you with personalized assistance throughout your relocation process. Lately, many Wheeling residents have contacted us about relocating to an apartment. They are relying on our expertise as Chicagoland movers to provide them with a smooth and stress-free relocation experience.

Wheeling Movers

Wheeling, Illinois is approximately 30 miles west-northwest of Chicago in DuPage County. Wheeling is home to more than 34,000 residents, with nearly 13,000 total households and almost 9,000 family households. The median household income is around $75,000, and the median home value in Wheeling is about $300,000. YOUR possessions are the only things our movers load onto our moving truck (aside from our moving equipment). This guarantees that your belongings will not be mistakenly delivered to another home or LOST! It is important to know that Joey’s Movers does not do what is called “consolidated shipping” that many competitors do. This is a practice whereby the movers consolidate your shipment with other customers’ shipments! Customers are “sold” on this idea by movers telling them that they will receive a greatly reduced rate. It may sound like a good idea, but what frequently happens is that your possessions get mixed up with other customers’ possessions, and you may discover that a prized family heirloom has been delivered to someone else, and you may or may NEVER get it back! Joey’s MoversNEVER does this, which is why we have satisfied customers from Wheeling and other suburbs.

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We do not “sell” our services, you do! It is our customers who hold the key to our success. Joey’s Movers are NOT a franchise, but we are an independent, family-owned and operated business. We tailor our services to our customers’ needs. Our trained movers will make your move go more smoothly, and they will protect your belongings from damage. In addition, our movers are courteous, efficient and trustworthy. We wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would you. Joey’s Movers is a customer-focused moving service. Our movers pride themselves on their professionalism and our competitive, yet fair, prices. For our FREE consultation, give Joey’s Movers a call today – we are your integrity-based, dependable moving company!

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