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Joey’s Movers and Trucking, Inc’s looking forward to making you a satisfied customer. We have found that if a company treats its employees well, they will be inclined to treat our customers well. What goes around comes around, and it works!Joey’s Movers strives to make sure customers have a positive experience, from the very first time we answer the phone to the truck pulling away from their new home. Because of our personal attention to the needs of our customers, and our competitive pricing, many area realtors recommended us to their clients. In fact, much of our new business comes from customer and realtor referrals. Regardless of your requirements, we can devise a customized solution to meet your needs. Our team of movers is equipped to coordinate and handle any move – regardless of size or scope. You can rely on Joey’s Movers as your Chicagoland movers to provide you with personalized assistance throughout your relocation process. For more than 30 years, we have been providing the Chicago region with premier residential and commercial relocation services. Joey’s Movers prides ourselves on offering high-quality moving services at competitive prices. Whether you are searching for movers to take great care of your Elmhurst move, look no further than Joey’s Movers. We will provide you with the kind of unmatched and stress-free relocation services you should expect from movers with our background and experience.

Elmhurst Movers

Elmhurst, Illinois is located 16 miles from the Chicago Loop in both DuPage and Cook Counties. There are about 50,000 residents in Elmhurst and nearly 16,000 households. Elmhurst’s median household income is about $100,000 and the median household value is nearly $340,000. Elmhurst has been referred to as “The quintessential Chicago suburb—pretty, safe, and alive with cultural offerings” by Chicago Magazine. Elmhurst continues to change; however, the City of Elmhurst is committed to shepherding the community into and through the next century by continuing its long history of services of the highest quality for residents and visitors. Working together, residents and the City can make certain that Elmhurst will continue to be a wonderful place to live and raise families. It often isn’t unusual for Elmhurst residents to decide to remain in the area after they retire. Many homeowners just want to downsize from their large residence into some more manageable and smaller. That’s when they contact our movers about relocating to an apartment.

Elmhurst Mover

Prompt, professional service is our objective for our customers! That way, regardless of where you are moving, your move will be stress-free! Joey’s Moversprovides only the services requested by you. YOUR possessions are the only things loaded onto our moving truck. This guarantees that your belongings will not be mistakenly delivered to another home or, worse yet, LOST! Think that doesn’t happen? It does. In fact some moving companies advertise that in order to save you money they will “consolidate” your items onto the moving truck with other people’s belongings! Seriously! There are better ways to save money. First of all, we provide safe, secure and affordable prices at Joey’s Movers. We will NEVER mix your items up with someone else’s items. Joey’s Movers believes a moving company and its movers should be chosen with as much care as you used when you selected your home. Call Joey’s Movers when you are planning a move, and we will help you with your move from start to finish!

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