Don’t Let Your International Move Turn into a Scary Event: Proper Planning is Key

On: 30th October 2017
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Just thinking about an international move can be overwhelming. You may need to fill out Visa paperwork, consider healthcare options, decide on schooling for children, investigate pet quarantine laws, determine items to store instead of move, and the list can go on and on depending upon your personal situation. Selecting the right moving company with experience in international moves is another critical factor that deserves careful consideration. Since opening our doors 37 years ago, Joey’s Movers has handled all types of moves, including numerous international ones. To help ensure your international move is not a scary event, we assign you a project manager who oversees every aspect of your move and even provide you with a storage option for certain items, if necessary.To help ensure your international move is not a scary event, we have provided a few pointers below:

Written Documentation

Before proceeding with an international moving company, it is critical you clearly understand the terms and conditions, and all documentation is in writing. At Joey’s Movers, we provide not only the terms and conditions, but also your estimate in writing. For international moves our estimates are based on weight for the items we inventory with you.


Before we inventory your contents, it is key that you declutter and determine exactly the items that will be moved and/or stored. With different country regulations, it is important to know if certain contents cannot be shipped to your new location. This maybe the perfect time to donate or sell these types of items along with a few others.Joey’s Movers can assist withdecluttering thanks to our clutter consultant, Nancy Katz. Nancy brings years of experience to help ensure the decluttering process is efficient and even provides organizational techniques that will continue to be useful in your daily life.


Often times people who move internationally store certain items such as sofas, mattresses or other bulky furniture. Joey’s Movers can be your one stop shop when it comes to international moves because we offer three convenient storage facilities, two are located right by our office in Skokie. Our secure facilities are climate controlled and monitored 24/7. For your convenience, we offer controlled access to your belongings 12 hours per day.


So now you have decided which items you want to sell, donate, discard, store or pack. Next comes the process of packing. An international move is much different than a local move in many ways beyond just the sheer distance; therefore, it is key that your contents, especially heavier or fragile items, are professionally packed. We recommend you hand carry certain items such as important documents, medications, and valuable jewelry. However, any items professionally packed by Joey’s Movers are sure to make the long journey undamaged.

Moving Day

When the day of your big move arrives,we guarantee that every detail will have been handled thanks to the personal attention and professional services Joey’s Movers provides throughout the process. Our years of international moving experience will ensure your move is anything by smooth.

If an international move is in your future, please give us a call at 1-800-427-6544 or visit our website to learn more about our extensive portfolio of moving services.