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Don’t trust your precious family heirlooms and antiques to be moved correctly by just any antique moving company. Only Joey’s Movers can promise your family that each one of your priceless antiques will be moved efficiently and safely. Joey’s Movers has been moving antiques for so long that we have seen family’s grow and hand their antiques down through several generations. And every generation has been quick to listen to their elders advice: Only Joey’s Movers can move your antiques quickly and safely to any location in Chicago.

Your antiques are the most important part of making your home feel like home. A collection of antiques is a special reflection of your own personal tastes, and your family’s history. The feeling you have when looking at your special collection in your perfect new home or business is a feeling that is indescribable. Joey’s Moversunderstands how important it is to you to have each one of your antiques safely moved. Joey’s Movers has more experience and more understanding of moving antiques than any mover in Chicago.

Chicago Antique Moving

Joey’s Movers has moved antiques all around Chicago. Whatever the season, or wherever you are moving to or from, Joey’s Movers has the experience and know how to make sure your antiques are moved exactly how you want them. You can guarantee that there will not even be a scratch or fingerprint on any of your antiques after we handle them. That’s because each one of our employees is a professional antique mover. There is a big difference between moving an average table and an antique table. The history and the craftsmanship of your antiques set them apart from regular old knick-knacks. Any time you need an antique moved in Chicago, callJoey’s Movers and get your antiques moved safely.

Chicago Antique Moving Company

If you are moving and have a collection of antiques that you just can’t leave behind, call Joey’s Movers and have your antiques moved the right way. From the moment we start to move your antiques, you will know that you have made the right choice. We have been moving antiques all over Chicago for years. In Chicago, Joey’s Movers is practically synonymous with antique moving. You can’t image the amazing antiques we have moved all over Chicago! This kind of industry experience you can’t learn from a book. By going out and actually moving antiques regularly and properly, Joey’s Movers has become the premier antique mover in Chicago. Before you leave any of your antiques behind, call Joey’s Movers to see what we can do for you. Joey’s Movers is the antique moving professional. We have many antique moving solutions for any kind of move. Contact Joey’s Movers today!

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