Burr Ridge Residential Movers

Joey’s Movers and Trucking, Inc. is well known as a leading residential moving company that has been serving customers throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area for more than 30 years!  We are regarded as a successful, family-owned and operated residential moving company and, we have a remarkable team of experts who are devoted to making sure that your move is easy and manageable!  Joey’s Movers is also recognized as making sure that all of our customers’ household items arrive according to schedule and undamaged.  Our home moving company also offer customers with the most sophisticated and impressive fleet of well-maintained and well-equipped moving vans.  In fact, not only are we known for consistently meeting the expectations of our clients, but for frequently exceeding them!   With over a century’s worth of shared experience as home movers, it’s quite understandable that whenever Burr Ridge residents are looking for unmatched excellence in a home moving company, Joey’s Movers is the only name they need to know!

Burr Ridge Home Movers

Burr Ridge, Illinois is in Cook County and DuPage County with approximately 11,000 residents.  Joey’s Movers provides all its Burr Ridge clients with an initial consultation for FREE where they can sit down together and discuss their approaching move.  We will strategize the best means of executing their move.  In fact, we can assure our Burr Ridge clients a smooth move by:

  • Packing and inventorying their belongings;
  • Loading all items to ensure a safe transfer of their belongings;
  • Delivering their belongings on time & safely; and
  • Unloading & placing items in the rooms to ensure easy & efficient unpacking.

We will also provide all packing materials, advise Burr Ridge clients when they should transfer their utilities, send their rugs to the cleaners and when they should take their pets to the kennel!

Burr Ridge House Movers

Thankfully, you will be able to take it easy and relax once everything is brought into your new home because Joey’s Movers will have taken care of all the heavy lifting and set up all your furnishings for you!  Whatever you do, don’t worry about only being able to give us a short notice about your move.  We can handle last-minute notifications and are well-prepared to do whatever it takes to make your move effortless.  Joey’s Movers will also see that you receive a copy of our Smooth Move Guide so you will be prepared for what you face.  With our helpful residential movers’ checklist, you will be able to avoid any of the noticeable pitfalls of moving.  It’s not hard to guess why so many Burr Ridge residents select Joey’s Movers over its rivals. For the smooth move you desire at a price you can afford, call Joey’s Movers, today, at: (800) 427-6544 or (847) 674-7779.

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