Chicagoland Antique Piano Movers

Without a doubt, moving a piano is one of the most difficult and risky procedures for any trained or untrained mover in Chicago to pull off. Not only is a piano heavy and large, they are also very valuable. Don’t let an untrained piano mover in Chicago ruin your family heirloom. Trust only Joey’s Movers to handle your piano moving whenever you are moving to a new home or business in Chicago. Only Joey’s Movers has the kind of training to enable our moving professionals to move your piano safely and without risking any unwanted damage.


It’s the safety and actual appreciation for moving a piano that makes Joey’s Movers the most reputable piano mover in Chicago. Joey’s Movers will move your piano out of any location and move that piano into any location and at any height. Joey’s Movers always uses the best tools and the most professional and experienced employees to make sure that you are totally satisfied with moving your piano. It’s simple: Joey’s Movers is the most experienced and most reputable piano mover in Chicago.

Chicagoland Antique Piano Mover

Joey’s Movers has moved antiques all around Chicago. Whatever the season, or wherever you are moving to or from, Joey’s Movers has the experience and know how to make sure your antiques are moved exactly how you want them. You can guarantee that there will not even be a scratch or fingerprint on any of your antiques after we handle them. That’s because each one of our employees is a professional antique mover. There is a big difference between moving an average table and an antique table. The history and the craftsmanship of your antiques set them apart from regular old knick-knacks. Any time you need an antique moved in Chicago, call Joey’s Movers and get your antiques moved safely.

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